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Debugging a deployed application is the nightmare we are trying to save you from with Applogs. Our ambition is to provide the most simple and effective solution to manage your logs with complete peace of mind.
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Applogs is the log management every Developer needs

Everything you need served simply. We offer a way to collect and save your logs for as long as possible, and to add alerts to easily debug your projects.

Supported log sources

  • Heroku
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  • Javascript
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    coming soon
  • Python
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Prices for everyone

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Real talk!

Why does this application exist?


I am a developer who has worked on several side projects over the years.

Error tracking is crucial in the application development process, as you and I both know.

Unless you have a large user base, your app's logs will likely stay under 10MB per month, even after release.

I've scoured many log management platforms in my developer journey, and never found anything accessible enough for me, and here is why:

  • I didn't know that even when you're working on a side project, you need to include a "log management" budget in addition to any expenses you might have.
  • Most of the log management apps out there seemed very old and packed with features that made me feel like I was in a trading app.
  • I wanted to access my logs as long as possible but I couldn't find any product with more than 1 or 3 days retention for their freemium plan.
  • None of the available items I checked provide a pay-as-you-go plan for an app with less than 100MB of logs per month.

Applogs is the solution I designed to meet all my needs, and I hope it will be the solution to most developer frustrations with logs.

It will be great to receive reviews from the community

I wish you all a great developer journey!

Arnold LAMBOUApplogs

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25 Days-retention is the minimum we provide, with a pricing starting from $0 per month + 1 free application.