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Vercel integration

Step 1

First you need to create your account or log in is you already have an account.

Step 2

Click on New Application in the left menu. New app left menu

Step 3

  • Select Vercel in Log source input.

  • Click on Pick A Project button. New app modal

  • Click on the Connect Vercel button and you will be redirected to the Applogs integration page Vercel connect modal

Step 4

Click on Add Integration and follow the steps (selection of Vercel account and projects). Vercel integration page

Step 5

  • Once redirected to Applogs, click on Connect Now to finalize the process. Connection page

  • Click on Applications in the left side menu. Applications page

  • Click on the app you that you want.

  • Move in the Logs tab to access to the log tail.

Setup completed, Well done! 🎉